i will be at the dailyfbb show

i will be in Paris for the dailyfbb show ,February 18th

i will show you some wrestling skills and some strength demonstrations

don’t miss it



Session tour (mes prochaines sessions)

I m really back to kick some ass, meet me during my tour if you are brave enough.
115kg (254 Ibs)/ 1,80m (5″9) of female muscle wrestler

Paris >>>>>>21st of december at 2nd of january including
Meet me in Montpellier, Marseille, Paris (France) anytime.
You can book session by contacting me at : eva.damoh@gmail.com

IMG_1247 IMG_1255

Progressing is always a good new

new3838As a female bodybuilder, I m happy to see more result and progress
And I want to share it with you

Forearm (avant bras) :  38,5 cm (15,15″) (update 17th Feb 2015), previous stats = 37cm  (14,57″)
Calves(mollet): 46,5cm (18,3″) (update 22nd Feb 2015) previous stats = 44,5 cm (17,51″)

As my hamstring are growing as well as my quad, I m pretty sure I will hit the 82 cm (32,3″) mark very soon


I like comparing my huge muscles to yours

Today I m going to do some stair running in a parc in Montpellier (France) aera to pump my quad and prepare them for the next training

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